Fill Your Pantry With Fresh, Local Food

Rely on us for delicious fruits and vegetables

At Yard Sale Produce, we believe that everyone deserves access to fresh produce. We're a local farmer's market, and we're committed to ending food insecurity in our community. Our owner works with local farmers and food suppliers to source high-quality fruits and vegetables at below-market prices.

Need a fruit tray or charcuterie board for an upcoming party or family get-together? We've got you covered! Contact us today to learn more.

Keep our community strong

A healthy, thriving community doesn't happen on its own. And it doesn't happen overnight. It happens when a group of neighbors come together and decide to support each other.

Yard Sale Produce will be hosting an upcoming Jazz in the Garden event so exactly that can happen. You'll be able to mix and mingle with your neighbors, while local musicians play. We'll have fruits and vegetables for sale, and you can even enjoy a fresh bowl of pasta while you enjoy the music.

Providing top-notch produce

It's hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you can't find affordable produce. If you live in the Lackawanna area, you can count on Yard Sale Produce for fresh fruits and vegetables.

We're a family-owned farmer's market that's dedicated to:

Supporting local farmers
Providing healthy food to our community
Creating family-friendly community events

Want to help support our efforts? We also accept donations. Contact us today to learn more.